How it works

We try to keep things simple, that’s why we created our Ready Made Websites

Simply browse our designs and select the one you like the look and layout of. Once purchased our team will implement this for you within 48 hours.

We will send you the login details to your CMS Dashboard along with training video of how to navigate around your dashboard and edit any pages.

With all of our website templates, we include a Visual Editor so you can easily edit any of your pages without any coding knowledge, simply click any part of your website and change the text, image, colour, layout or positioning.

What if i already have a domain ?

Not a problem, if you already have a domain name we will send you simple instructions on how to point this into our server.

What if i like a design but it's missing a feature ?

Not a problem, if there is any feature you need adding to any of the website packages then we can add this in for you. A fee may incur depending on how many and what type of feature you are requiring.

I like a design but the colour scheme is not right ?

Not a problem, the colour scheme, text and images are for illustration purposes only so you can see the layout and navigation of the website. Once your website is live you will have full control over all text, images, colours and positioning.

I don't know how to configure the server ?

We wouldn’t expect you to, that’s what we do. Upon purchase we will setup your server, security, email address and files. All you need to do is login to your dashboard (once we send you the login details) and make the site your own.

I don't know how to configure the email address ?

You don’t need to have any knowledge of email setup as we handle all of this for you. We will also provide you detailed instructions on how to set this up on Laptop, Mac, Phone and Tablet devices.

How do i edit my website ?

This is where the fun begins, after we have implemented all of the coding for your new site, we then install a Visual Editor program allowing you to login into your website and change any part easily. You can click on any part of your website and change the text, images, colours, layout and more without any coding knowledge.

What if i get stuck or not sure what to do ?

That’s what we are here for. You will have support from Healy Web Design if you get stuck, unsure on anything or have any questions about your website or moving forward.

What if i already have a website ?

Not a problem, if you already have a website you can still purchase any of our designs. We will send you instructions on how to point your domain into our server and we will handle the rest for setting you up with your new website design.